I am a 19 year old, who is so addicted to the internet and obsessed with music. I am fun and sort of ”childish” (that’s what they say).

All my life I’ve been a quite girl, that girl who is always shy to say something in class and was scared of people, until 2017 where it all changed. What I learned about people is they will forever judge even if you are doing good, like seriously WTF is wrong with these people. One day I made a video talking about like it was actually a funny video, many people loved it and then just that one person decided to be against it.

I just kept quite. People can be so ungrateful sometimes.


Why do certain people promote suicide?

Interesting story, so today I decided to Google tips on how to commit suicide. I was just trying to see if the world has cold hearted people. Well it does. I found a website that explained how you can kill yourself painlessly. And I was like “Hold up, is this for real?” Yes this was real.

I wonder what type of person tell other people to commit suicide. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Instead of putting a help line, you put pictures on how to do it. We’ve got to stop with this.

Does dating a person that have been dated by a close friend/relative make you a bad person?

Blond woman with Fingers Crossed Behind Back

Lets face it we’ve once liked a person our friend were dating. Even though we are not supposed to do that, we can’t control our emotions. Once you like someone everything gets awkward when you’re around them.

Back to the real deal, why do people call you a (whore) when you’re dating someone they use to date. Like maybe they were not meant to be. Nothing ever worked out between them so maybe you and him are the match made in heaven. Strange but true in today’s youth when you start seeing a guy your friend use to date you’re a whore. Everyone calls you a bad friend because “you’ve betray them” which does not really matter to me.

Well I am all about not caring about what they say, if I like someone even though they use to see my friend I’ll go for that fine looking high horse. I don’t care if they call me a whore, I am not in control my emotions are. Also they should accept me for that. People are few, we should just recycle soul mates.

Seeing good in Evil

I just find it funny how I try so hard to see good in a heart made of pure evil. 

I know a person who is like that. This person is just strange one time he’s your friend the next he’s the baddest person you’ve ever met in your entire life. Like when they do something bad to me, I try so hard and give myself excuses like every person has their good and bad side. I think I am some sort of the good guy in a movie where there’s a bad guy, so I am forcing myself to understand them. 

But you know what, people never change. Nobody will change for you no matter how good you’re with them, if the heart is made of evil who are you to change that. All you have to do is stop trying so hard to make them good and move on with or without them.

Without them: Minus one problem!

Nipple Exposure

It’s 2017 yes, new fashion new trends. In the past how many years (I don’t know) nipples were never to be exposed in public it’s just a condemnation, like who just expose their nipples to the public. 

Yes big stars are doing it but really is it really something worth it. Celebrities are just normal people who get easily influenced by fashion designers to do whatever they want in the name of “trends”. 

I hate fashion, so dumb trends like exposing your nipples to the public is just another reason why I hate them. 


Exposed huh?! ok well I know a lot of people in my country, people I know who have been exposed by their Friends, Boyfriends and Girlfriends. These Exposing is too much and it is only in teenagers the youth. Sometimes you even wonder on why would they do something so cruel like exposing others. The victims sometimes feel great of being exposed because they will be popular, which is a very clueless idea, how could you see light i such darkness. viaDaily Prompt: Exposed

”You’re Not Good Enough”

Have you ever been told by people that you’re not good enough on what you do and should just stop doing what you do?

Well I’ve been told that so many times and it really brought my self-esteem down. I use to make videos (funny videos) just talking about what I think of something and posting them online. I got great feed backs from people but there were these specific people that were close to me and told me I must just stop doing my videos cause they are not good, they told me I must NEVER make those videos again. You have no idea how I felt, I felt really bad, but I had to get up and move on and leave what I loved, something that gave me a voice. I was a very shy type these videos that I made gave me a very powerful voice, which I would never want to lose. Looks like I am losing it, but you know what I won’t lose it, I will just get myself a Camera and make my videos, cause I know I am funny.

I want you who’s reading this to do what you love and don’t let ANYBODY bring you down I’ve been there, done that and never going back again.

How was it for the first blog?